Table of biochemical characteristics of enterohepatic helicobacters isolated from the intestine of humans and nonhuman primatesa

SourceCATURNitrate reductionAlkaline phosphatase hydrolysisIndoxyl acetate hydrolysisγ-Glutamyl transpeptidase activityGrowth at 42°CGrowth with 1% glycineSusceptibility to NASusceptibility to CE
H. macacaebW++RR
Rhesus monkey no. 2++++WRS
Cotton-top tamarin+++RR
H. canis++++SI
H. canadensis++/−+++RR
H. cinaedi+++SI
H. fennelliae++++SS
H. pullorum++ND+RS
H. rappini+/−+++RR
H. winghamensis+ND+RR
  • a CAT, catalase production; UR, urease activity; NA, nalidixic acid (30-μg disc); CE, cephalothin (30-μg disc); ND, not determined; W, weakly positive.

  • b The results of all tests were the same for eight of eight strains tested.