Association of PFGE patterns with MLST, SCCmec types, and presence of PVL genes for 212 MRSA isolates

PFGE pattern (na)No. of subtypesSCCmec type (n)Status of PVL genes (n)Sequence typeb
A (3)3III (2), IV (1)AbsentST239
C (131)25IV (129), VT (2)Absent (129), present (2)ST59, new*
D (59)13VT (53), IV (6)Present (57), absent (2)ST59, ST338*
F (3)2II (2), VT (1)AbsentST5, new*
AF (4)1UntypeableAbsentST89
AK (2)2IVAbsentST508
AN (3)2IVAbsentST59
AQ (5)3IVAbsentST508
AR (1)1IVAbsentST15
BA (1)1IVAbsentST5
  • a n, no. of isolates.

  • b Each of the three sequence types marked with an asterisk is a single-locus variant of ST59, but they differ from each other.