Comparison of the dynamic ranges of three HBV DNA quantification assaysa

Test and resultNo. of samples with the following result by Abbott RealTime assay:
Below detection thresholdQuantifiableAbove quantification limit
Versant assay (n = 93)
    Below detection threshold130
    Above quantification limit0300
Amplicor assay (n = 79)
    Below detection threshold000
    Above quantification limit0130
TaqMan assay (n = 106)
    Below detection threshold020
    Above quantification limit030
  • a The dynamic range of the Abbott RealTime assay was compared with those of the Versant, Amplicor, and TaqMan assays for detecting HBV DNA in 93 samples isolated from cohort A (Versant) and 106 samples isolated from cohort B (TaqMan). The cohort tested with Amplicor is a subgroup of 79 samples from cohort B.