Microbial identification system whole-cell fatty acid analysis of the novel group of isolates and related species

Species (no. of isolates)Fatty acid content (%)a
12:014:02-Me-14:015:016:1ω9c16:1ω7c16:1ω6c16:1ω5c16:017:1ω8c17:018:1ω9c18:010Me-18:0 (TBSA)20:0
Novel isolates (5)
M. simiae (17)
M. genavense (25)
M. lentiflavum (7)6.90.773.831.80.934.
M. triplex (4)
M. heidelbergense (1)
M. intermedium (3)
M. interjectum (1)
  • a Values are average peak areas represented in percentages. For each fatty acid designation, the number to the left of the colon is the number of carbon atoms and the number to the right of the colon is the number of double bonds. TBSA, tuberculosteric acid (10-methyloctadecanoic acid).