Bacterial strains used in this study

Strain designationβ-Lactamase(s)Functional group(s)aβ-Lactamase sp actbReferenceOriginal strain designation
E. coli
    ATCC 25922NoneNone16
    ATCC 35218TEM-12b700
    OC4229TEM-1, SHV-122b, 2be3,80032EC 2859 case 12
    OC6028TEM-1, CTX-M-102b, 2be2,5001897/38582
CF 102
    OC4227TEM-122be1,70032EC 1924 case 10
    OC4138AmpC170032EC 3102 case 3
    OC4136AmpC11,30032EC 1201 case 1
    OC4249ACT-1c112,000This workTransformant
K. pneumoniae
    ATCC 13883NoneNone0.35
    ATCC 700603SHV-182be24025K6
    OC4244TEM-1, SHV-52b, 2be69032KP 3160 case 20
    OC4239TEM-6, SHV-12be, 2b75032KP 2679 case 17
    OC4110TEM-10, SHV-12be, 2b850262351
    OC4105TEM-26, SHV-12be, 2b97014SC 15923
    OC4074TEM-1, MIR-1c2b, 112,0002096D
    OC4250ACT-1, 2 TEM type, 2 SHV type1, 2b, 2be, unknown17,0004MCQ-95
    OC5064FOX-5c, TEM type, SHV-111, 2b3,20024OC5064
K. oxytoca OC4076K-12be14,00023SC10436
  • a Functional group according to reference 8.

  • b Specific activity reported in nanomoles of nitrocefin hydrolyzed per minute per milligram of protein.

  • c Plasmid-encoded AmpC β-lactamase.