Strains of Aeromonas spp. isolated from humans

GenospeciesHGStrain no.aSource of isolation
A. hydrophila 1RK 70363, RK 226254, RK 217215Human stool, Hong Kong
SK 3, SK 6, SK 7, SK 12Human stool, Thailand
ATCC 49140Human
LMG 13656Feces, Switzerland
A. bestiarum 2LMG 13448Feces, Switzerland
A. salmonicida 3LMG 13450Feces, Switzerland
A. caviae 4AK 375, AK 376, AK 377, AK 378, AK 379, AK 380, AK 383, AK 384, AK 385, AK 386, AK 388, AK 390, AK 393Human stool, Poland
RK 25447, RK 27611, RK 65541, RK 66942, RK 77620, RK 217455, RK 220132Human stool, Hong Kong
SK 4, SK 9, SK 11Human stool, Thailand
LMG 13454Human, Germany
A. media 5ALMG 13461Feces, Switzerland
A. veronii biotype sobria8/10AK 382, AK 387, AK 389, AK 391, AK 392Human stool, Poland
RK 43939, RK 66113, RK 77343Human stool, Hong Kong
SK 2, SK 14, SK 24Human stool, Thailand
A. veronii biotype veronii10/8ATCC 35624TSputum
A. jandaei 9ATCC 49568THuman stool
LMG 13065Human stool, Switzerland
Aeromonas sp.11ATCC 35941Abscess
A. schubertii 12ATCC 43700TAbscess
LMG 13473Human skin, United States
Aeromonas sp.13LMG 17321THuman (leg wound), United States
A. trota 14ATCC 49657THuman stool
LMG 13081Human stool, Thailand
A. enteropelogenes 14ATCC 49803THuman stool
A. allosaccharophila 15LMG 14021Human stool, United States
Aeromonas sp.NDRK 61871Human stool, Hong Kong
  • a Abbreviations: AK, Culture Collection of Department of Microbiology, A. Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland; RK, strains obtained from R. Kong, Hong Kong University; SK, strains obtained from S. Korbsrisate, Department of Immunology, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand; ATCC, American Type Culture Collection, Manassas, Va.; LMG, Culture Collection, Laboratorium voor Microbiologie, Universiteit Gent, Ghent, Belgium; ND, isolate not included in any Aeromonas sp. HG.