Incompatibility groups of conjugative plasmids which confer a high level of resistance to amikacin due to the presence of the 16S rRNA methylase gene and/or aacA4 gene

Incompatibility group(s)No. of transconjugants carrying the following gene(s):TotalNo. (%) of transconjugants with:P valuec
aacA4 alonearmA alonearmA and aacA4rmtB aloneNoneaarmArmtB
FIIAs20 (13.1)0.007
HI2444 (2.6)
L/M8293737 (24.2)<0.001
L/M, F111 (0.7)
A/C243411517 (4.6)41 (80.3)<0.001
A/C, I1-Iγ1122 (1.3)
A/C, F111 (2.0)
A/C, F, FIA111 (2.0)
F761147 (4.6)6 (11.7)0.069
F, Y111 (2.0)
I1-Iγ111 (2.0)
F, FIB11
NIb472318075 (49.0)<0.001
Total no. of transconjugants111163751321815351
  • a No gene was detected.

  • b NI, not identified.

  • c The chi-square test was performed.