Non-S. aureus staphylococcal (sub-)species studied

Species and subspeciesNo. of clinical isolatesaType and/or reference strain(s)bTotal no. of isolatesc
S. arlettae00DSM 20672T1
S. auricularis00DSM 20609T1
S. capitis subsp. capitis41DSM 20326T6
S. capitis subsp. urealyticus00DSM 6717T1
S. caprae05DSM 20608T6
S. carnosus subsp. carnosus00DSM 20501T1
S. carnosus subsp. utilis00DSM 11676T1
S. chromogenes00DSM 20454T1
S. cohnii subsp. cohnii42DSM 20260T7
S. cohnii subsp. urealyticus00DSM 6718T1
S. condimenti00DSM 11674T1
S. delphini00DSM 20771T1
S. epidermidis455DSM 20044T51
S. equorum subsp. equorum00DSM 20674T, DSM 206752
S. equorum subsp. linens00DSM 15097T1
S. felis00DSM 7377T1
S. fleurettii00DSM 13212T1
S. gallinarum00DSM 20610T1
S. haemolyticus141DSM 20263T16
S. hominis subsp. hominis90DSM 20328T10
S. hominis subsp. novobiosepticus00ATCC 700236T1
S. hyicus01DSM 20459T2
S. intermedius110DSM 20373T12
S. kloosii00DSM 20676T1
S. lentus00DSM 20352T1
S. lugdunensis119DSM 4804T21
S. lutrae00DSM 10244T1
S. muscae00DSM 7068T1
S. nepalensis00DSM 15150T, DSM 151512
S. pasteuri00DSM 10656T1
S. pettenkoferi41CCUG 51270T6
S. piscifermentans00DSM 7373T1
S. pseudintermedius00LMG 22219T, LMG 22220, LMG 22221, LMG 222224
S. saccharolyticus00DSM 20359T1
S. saprophyticus subsp. bovis00CCM 4410T1
S. saprophyticus subsp. saprophyticus212DSM 20229T15
S. schleiferi subsp. coagulans00DSM 6628T1
S. schleiferi subsp. schleiferi05DSM 4807T6
S. sciuri subsp. carnaticus00ATCC 700058T1
S. sciuri subsp. rodentium00ATCC 700061T1
S. sciuri subsp. sciuri21DSM 20345T4
S. simulans14DSM 20322T6
S. succinus subsp. casei00DSM 15096T1
S. succinus subsp. succinus00DSM 14617T1
S. vitulinus00ATCC 51145T1
S. warneri50DSM 20316T6
S. xylosus14DSM 20266T6
  • a Isolates from blood and from other specimens (skin, wound, respiratory tract, urogenital tract, and venous catheters).

  • b Type or reference strains of the respective (sub-)species as deposited in the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC); Czech Collection of Microorganisms (CCM); Culture Collection, University of Göteborg, Sweden (CCUG); German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (DSM); or Belgian Coordinated Collections of Microorganisms (LMG).

  • c Values represent total numbers of clinical isolates plus type and/or reference strain isolates.