Comparison of smear, culture, and NAT results for the three groups of patients analyzed

Patient groupd% Positive (no. of positive sample results/total no. tested) by:
M. tuberculosis cultureaNATNTM culturea,b
189 (41/46)89 (41/46)2 (1/46)
220 (32/159)16 (26/159)0.6 (1/159)
30 (0/56)3.6 (2/56)c0 (0/56)
  • a Culture, Löwenstein-Jensen-Mycobacteria Growth Indicator Tube method.

  • b NTM, non-tuberculosis mycobacterium.

  • c False positive results compared to M. tuberculosis culture results (the “gold standard”).

  • d The results of smear tests for the members of group 1 were positive; those for the members of groups 2 and 3 were negative.