Specificity of DNA probes for species identification by PCR-EIA

DNA target species (no. of isolates tested)Mean A650 ± SEa after reaction with probe for:
C. glabrataC. parapsilosisC. tropicalisC. albicansC. lusitaniae
C. glabrata (16)0.91 ± 0.070000
C. parapsilosis (15)00.79 ± 0.05000
C. tropicalis (7)000.95 ± 0.1000
C. albicans (3)0000.40 ± 0.050
C. lusitaniae (2)00000.38 ± 0.02b
  • a Mean A650 ± SE was calculated from spectrophotometric readings after target DNA was reacted with the DNA probes listed above. All samples were run in duplicate, and reagent blanks were run on each plate for each probe. Reagent blank values have been subtracted from test sample values above (mean reagent blank A650 = 0.038 ± 0.001; n = 72). Mean A650 ± SE for all control samples after subtraction of the reagent blanks for all probes was 0.002 ± 0.0001 (n = 226) and is represented in this table as 0 for ease of presentation.

  • b Includes one C. lusitaniae isolate identified as C. albicans by the referring institution and as C. parapsilosis or C. lusitaniae by CDC phenotypic methods.