Results of detection of Candida mannan in CSF compared with culture

Case no. or groupClassificationaCulture resultb (no. positive/total)Mean OD (range)Interpretationc (no. positive/total)
1Proven infection4/42.999d3/3
2Proven infection2/50.571 (0.489-0.779)7/7
3Proven infection3/91.721 (1.057-2.935)4/4
4Proven infection1/23.500d2/2
5No infection1/60.297 (0.259-0.331)0/3
AeControl0/280.264 (0.211-0.365)0/28
BControl10/100.163 (0.112-0.228)0/10
CControl0/160.211 (0.160-0.270)0/16
  • a Based on criteria adapted from reference 3.

  • b Culture for yeasts.

  • c Cutoff value = 0.440.

  • d ODs out of range.

  • e Control group: A, patients with clinically suspected bacterial meningitis and negative fungal cultures; B, patients with cultures positive for C. neoformans and CSF positive for cryptococcal antigen; C, patients CSF positive for Aspergillus antigen.