Comparison of strain differentiation between MDR and non-MDR strains

Strain-typing markersBeijing genotype (n = 243)Non-Beijing genotypea
≥5 bands (n = 88)<5 bands (n = 24)
MDR strains
    No. of isolates72228
    HGI (12 MIRUs)0.88690.98270.9643
    HGI (IS6110 RFLP)0.99020.99130.8929
Non-MDR strains
    No. of isolates1716616
    HGI (12 MIRUs)0.88060.99210.9167
    HGI (IS6110 RFLP)0.99810.99860.95
  • a Non-Beijing strains are further divided into isolates with five or more IS6110 bands and isolates with fewer than five bands.