Virulence factors of strains O2-1772 and O78-9 in the different stages of infection

Infection stageVirulence factor(s) of strainReference(s) or source
AdhesionAC/I pilus 6
P pilusThis work
Type 1 pilusType 1 pilus 17
Nonfimbrial adhesinThis work
InternalizationCurli fibersCurli fibers 10
InvasionTTSSTTSSD. Ideses et al., unpublished data
Persistence in the host, iron uptakeEnterobactinEnterobactinR. S. Adiri et al., unpublished data
AerobactinAerobactin 5, 11
YersiniabactinYersiniabactin 10; this work
IroN receptorIroN receptorThis work
sitABCD This work
Persistence in the host, immune evasionYersiniabactin O antigenYersiniabactin O antigen, polysaccharide capsule 4