Sequence similarity among four genes of C. parapsilosis groups I, II, and III

GeneComparisonSequence similarity (%)aNo. of gapsNo. of nucleotide polymorphisms/ total no.No. of non- synonymous changes
COX3 b I vs II95.617/3893
II vs III98.56/3891
I vs III97.211/3892
L1A1 I vs II86.674/5533
I vs III
SADH I vs II85.977/54613
II vs III84.485/54616
I vs III82.894/54623
SYA1 c I vs II84.9659/43010
II vs III84.4364/42410
I vs III82.5966/42813
  • a That is, the number of matched bases in both sequences referred to the total number of bases in both sequences.

  • b Mitochondrial gene.

  • c Primers described for C. albicans CaSYA1 gene encoding alanyl-tRNA synthetase.